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    July 11, 2020
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      MM-RN Bargaining Committee Nominations

      MM-RN Bargaining Committee Nominations

      Send McLaren an Email

      Send an email calling on McLaren executives to...

      Are you ALL IN for a better McLaren Macomb?!

      Unity is Strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. Mattie J.T. Stepanek


      Welcome to OPEIU, Local 40's website!  Please feel free to look around and check things out.  We hope you find our website user-friendly and full of information.

      If you have any ideas or suggestions for our website, please feel free to use the "Contact Us" link under the main menu.

      In order to access our Member Resources, you must first register with us (left collumn, top box).  Once you register and your membership is verified (24-48 hours), you will receive a welcome email. 

      Be sure to check back often for the latest updates!



      Nominations for the Local 40 McLaren Macomb RN Bargaing Committee were accepted on June 15th through 17th via email due to the Covid19 situation and Governor's orders.  

      The following nominations were made:

      Dina Carlisle was nominated by Maria Szejbach, Terri Dagg-Barr and Lisa Vermander
       - ACCEPTED

      Joanne Czeiszperger was nominated by Lisa Vermander, Alesha Demetrakeas, Michele Meerschaert and Asia Viers - DECLINED

      Terri Dagg-Barr was nominated by Maria Szejbach, Dina Carlisle, Patti Roland and Lisa Vermander - ACCEPTED

      Mike O'Neill was nominated by Maria Szejbach. - DECLINED

      Jill Rebar was nominated by Pamela Sanderson and Abby Moore - ACCEPTED

      Maria Szejbach was nominated by Dina Carlisle - ACCEPTED

      Ethan Thompson was nominated by Terri Dagg-Barr - ACCEPTED

      Marty VanDerHeyden was nominated by Jeff Morawski - DECLINED

      The nominees have been give seven (7) days to respond via email.  After we have received all responses, we will notify you of the election process.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

      In Solidarity,

      Patti Roland, RN

      Election Committe Chairperson


      (586) 382-7655



      2020 - 2024

      Local 40 President - Jeff Morawski

      Local 40 Treasurer - Joanne Czeiszperger

      Local 40 Recording Secretary - Joseph Smithson

      Local 40 Trustee - Nancy Anschuetz

      Local 40 Trustee - Mike O'Neill

      Local 40 Trustee - Marty VanDerHeyden

      APR-RN Vice President - Jo Walker

      APR-RN Chief Steward - Cassandra Bell

      MM-RN Vice President - Dina Carlisle

      MM-RN Chief Steward - Terri Dagg-Barr

      APR-RT Vice President - Michelle Foster

      APRH Election Committee Chairperson - Cynthia Hadden

      APR-RN Election Committee Member - Shawn Ludeman

      APR-RT Election Committee Member - Jen Cornell

      APR-MLT Election Committee Member - Aimee Ziehm 

      MM Election Committee Chairperson - Patti Roland

      MM-RN Election Committee Member - Wendy Nauman

      YOU DID IT!!!!!

        If you are a new employee and have already been through orientation but did not receive your Welcome Packet (folder with welcome letters, contract, by-laws, etc.), please contact the following representative(s) below or call the Union Office:


      McLaren Macomb RN 

      Dina - dcarlisle@opeiulocal40.org

      Terri - tdaggbarr@opeiulocal40.org


      Ascension Providence Rochester - RN

      Cassandra - cbell@opeiulocal40.org


      Ascension Providence Rochester - RT 

      Michelle - mfoster@opeiulocal40.org


      Ascension Providence Rochester - MLT

      Katrina - kcoleman@opeiulocal40.org


      Unique Benefits for Union Families at Risk

      Union Plus has an innovative new program of unique benefits for members facing economic hardship.  It's called Union SAFE and it expands the Union Plus safety net for working families and members participating in Union Plus programs. 

      It includes:

      • Credit counseling services, budgeting advice and no-fee debt management and bankruptcy counseling benefits (1-877-833-1745);

      • Save My Home Hotline to help members avoid foreclosure (1-866-490-5361);

      • Hospital Care Grants of $1,000 for qualified participants in the Union Plus Credit Card, Mortgage or UnionSecure Insurance programs who have been recently hit with large, unreimbursed hospital expenses;

      • College Savings Grants of $500 for qualified participants in the Union Plus Credit Card, Mortgage or UnionSecure Insurance programs who open a new 529 tax-free college savings or pre-paid tuition account between January 1 and June 30, 2009;

      • Job Loss Grants of $250 for qualified Union Plus Credit Card holders who have been recently laid off for more than 90 days;

      • Disability Grants of $1,000 to $2,000 for qualified Union Plus Credit Card holders who have significant income loss due to a recent long-term illness or disability;

      • Mortgage Assistance to help Union Plus Mortgage holders who are laid off, disabled or are on strike make their mortgage payments;

      • Insurance Premium Waivers for members with UnionSecure Life Insurance who have been recently laid off for more than 30 days.

      To apply, click this link www.UnionPlus.org/UnionSAFE


        AT&T Cellular Discounts  

      Save 15% on your monthly AT&T wireless service.  In addition to saving money, you'll be supporting union workers and their families.  AT&T is the only national unionized wireless carrier - with over 40,000 union represented employess.

      Click this link for more information - AT&T Discount.pdf



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